About High Mountain Oolong

Taiwan’s High Mountain oolong teas are defined as teas made from bushes growing in mountain regions above 1000 meters (3280 feet). They are lightly oxidized [around 20%] so as to preserve the tea leaves' natural aroma and flavors. High mountain oolong teas originated from AliShan Mountain, though in recent years, tea bushes are being grown at increasingly higher altitudes. Premium prices reflect the limited supply of tea due to difficult conditions of growing and harvesting (by hand-plucking) in these high mountainous areas. 

Taiwan’s high mountain areas provide pristine climatic conditions for growing tea leaves with complex flavors and rich floral aromas. At this elevation, the air is clean and crisp. Tea bushes receive gentle sunshine that fluctuates non-stop with clouds and mists coming and going. Temperature difference between day and night is often quite drastic. The combination of these climatic conditions lead to slower growth of tea bushes. The tea leaves tend to grow softer and thicker, containing gelatinous substances that add to concentrated flavors and a full-bodied tea.

The complexity of flavor and aroma differs by each tea producing region and the tea makers' craft. In this collection, we offer two distinct profiles of High Mountain oolong teas - the classic from AliShan and a popular version from ShanLinXi.

Note: AliShan is situated in Taiwan's ChiaYi County; ShanLinXi is located in Nantou County.