TAIWAN GREEN High Mountain ShanLinXi
TAIWAN GREEN High Mountain ShanLinXi

TAIWAN GREEN High Mountain ShanLinXi

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TAIWAN GREEN High Mountain ShanLinXi



ShanLinXi Green is grown and harvested from tea farms in the ShanLinXi mountain region, located above 1800 meters (5900 feet) in the Nantou County's ZhuShan township. Blessed with a perfect climate, soil rich with minerals and organic substances, and perpetual cloud and mists, tea leaves grow thick and rich in nutrients.

These delicate tea leaves are subjected to a lighter oxidation around 20%. After shaping and drying, the tea leaves are lightly roasted in an electric oven to preserve the tea’s fragrance.

The brewed tea is yellow-green. The tea has an elegant fragrance and tastes clean and crisp with a light vegetal flavor characteristic of high mountain oolongs. There is no bitterness in this tea.

Please note that fragrance plays a critical role in enjoying High Mountain oolong teas. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest that you consume the tea within 2-3 weeks of opening. 



Tea Plant:


Taiwan oolong style - (1) rolled ball shape, (2) undergo light oxidation, (3) little bitterness and astringency, (4) can be brewed at high temperatures, easy to brew, can brew at high tempera

* Note: Characteristics of Taiwan oolong style 

(1) Rolled ball shape allows for easy vacuum packing and a slower release of flavor. 

(2) Use of small-leaf tea plant variety (var. sinensis), which produces a delicate and sweeter tea with less bitterness and astringency than big-leaf variety (var. assamica).

(3) Brew at high temperatures 95-100oC (203-212oF). For most black teas, the recommended temperature is 85-90oC (185-194oF) to prevent the tea from becoming overly bitter and astringent.