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JADE is a tea plant cultivar first developed and introduced in Taiwan. (*See Note below.) The cultivar name is also used to refer to this tea. JADE WULONG has a delicate floral fragrance, reminiscent of gardenia, magnolia, and areca nut flowers. It has a creamy flavor and a full mouthfeel.

This tea is produced in MingJian township of Nantou county. MingJian boasts the highest production volume of tea in Taiwan. It is endowed with flat plains well suited for tea making and processing, MingJian tea farmers produce good quality tea for everyday consumption.

When brewed, the color of JADE WULONG is golden yellow. Its delicate flora aroma nicely balances a mild creamy mouthfeel. The light roasting creates a nutty flavor, with a hint of roasted seaweed. The tea finishes with a pleasant lingering in the back of your mouth. This tea is easy to drink and well balanced in taste and aroma. 

Region: MingJian township, Lugu County (central Taiwan)

Oxidation: 25~35%

Tea Plant: Jade [Chinese:  翠玉 "ChuiYu"]

Roast: Light / Oven

* Note: The cultivar Jade was developed by Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station and introduced in Taiwan in 1981.