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RED WULONG was produced in LuYe, a pristine region between two mountain ranges in south-eastern Taiwan. It was made  by Ms. Wu, a tea artisan also known as "Queen of Red Oolong." Ms. Wu has received numerous national and international awards. Her teas received various star ratings in 2017, 2018, and 2019 by Belgium's International Taste & Quality Institute.

RED WULONG was produced to have the flavor profile of those teas which were submitted and received iTQi's one-star ratings. (See *Note below.)

The brewed tea is clean, with a beautiful amber color and a clear sheen. The tea begins with an earthy mineral taste that changes into a pleasant acidity. Its aroma can be characterized as honey-like with a full bouquet of blooming flowers in the background. (See **Note below.) The taste is not very complex, but the aroma is exotic and captivating. The lingering is clean, long, and very pleasant.

The tea is medium-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel. There is little bitterness and astringency. Due to its heavy oxidation, this tea exhibits a fruity acidity reminiscent of well-aged teas.

Overall this tea is an excellent introduction to Taiwan's new development in red oolong teas.

Region: Luye Township, Taitung County (south-eastern Taiwan)

Tea Plant: JinXuan cultivar (aka Milky Oolong)

Oxidation: Heavy (70~80%)

Roast: Electric oven / Heavy

*Note: The rating system of Belgium's International Taste & Quality Institute is divided into (1) no star, (2) one star, (3) Two stars, and (4) Three stars.

**Note: The honey-scent comes from tea leaves bug-bitten by small green leaf-hoppers. The flower bouquet aroma is characteristic of good JinXuan, the cultivar used to make this tea.