Tung Ting oolong tea - master artisan roasts
"Tung Ting Artisan Roasts" Sampler
"Tung Ting Artisan Roasts" Sampler
"Tung Ting Artisan Roasts" Sampler

"Tung Ting Artisan Roasts" Sampler

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In this sampler, three artisan tea makers face-off to create distinctive and aromatic Tung Ting roasts. When tasting Tung Ting, emphasis is placed on "throat melody" - the dry, mildly sweet taste lingering in your throat. The mark of a good Tung Ting is in its "FIRE" - the post-production roasting that takes place over several weeks. Traditionally roasting is done by charcoal-fire. Recently, some innovative tea makers try to achieve the same effect via precise oven-roasting.

TUNG TING WULONG 8th Generation Heirloom - Light Roast [8 grams] - Charcoal Roasted. Crafted by an 8th generation tea maker living on the legendary Tung Ting Mountain. Heavy oxidation. Brewed tea is deep amber with a strong roasted flavor without being bitter. The taste is straight and bold. [See full product details.]

TUNG TING WULONG High Mountain Symphony [8 grams] - Charcoal Roasted. Made from hand-plucked tea leaves grown in Taiwan’s ChiLai Mountain, at an elevation around 2000 meters (6500 feet). Floral and fruity fragrance with a strong hint of honey. Complex, presenting a symphony of ever-changing taste and aroma. [See full product details.] 

TUNG TING WULONG Formosa Red [8 grams] - Oven Roasted. Lighter oxidation, a recent trend in Tung Ting oolong processing. Smooth and mellow but fragrant and complex. Brewed tea is amber with reddish hue. [See full product details.]

Note: All our teas are vacuum-packed to guarantee maximum freshness, from the tea makers to your hands.