An Unexpected Guide (part 2)

An Unexpected Guide (part 2)
  The next day my mother and I went back on schedule to visit various tea factories. A night's sleep had lessened my disappointment, but I had sti...

An Unexpected Guide (part 1)

An Unexpected Guide (part 1)
The focus of this blog is Taiwan tea, but once in a blue moon, I feel a strong urge to share a personal experience from my tea-related travels. Th...

Enjoying a Taiwan Green Tea

Enjoying a Taiwan Green Tea
Did you know that Taiwan also produces wonderful green tea? Taiwan's green tea BiLuoChuan has a unique sugar-cane and tangerine fragrance, while tasting delicate and refreshing.

Tea Stalks – Theanine – Happiness

Tea stalks - Theanine - Happiness Tea
Tea stalks are rich in theanine, an amino acid found in tea plants. Theanine promotes a sense of happiness by promoting the release of dopamine and alpha brain waves. Compared to tea leaves, tea stalks contain more ...

Factors affecting Caffeine in Tea Leaves

Tea bushes in Tung Ting Mountain, Lugu County, Taiwan
Studies have shown that oxidation levels do not significantly affect the caffeine level in tea leaves. So what factors make a difference? First, the parts of the plant used and included in your tea leaves ...

A Closer Look: Brewing vs. Caffeine

Brewing tea affect caffeine
You can affect the amount of caffeine in your tea by the way you brew. Brewing conditions include tea to water ratio, water temperature, brewing time, and number of brews. In particular, water temperature makes a big difference because ...

Understanding Tea - Starting my Blog Journey

Taiwan tea blog journey
The objective of this blog is placed on “understanding” tea, especially Taiwan tea. This understanding is multi-faceted. It includes practical information such as brewing and enjoying tea, basic facts and terminology, the science behind tea ...