Storing your tea

Please store your tea in a cool place away from the sun, light, and heat. Keep it away from spices or aromatic foodstuffs because tea will readily absorb other odors.

After opening your tea, try to minimize the tea leaves' exposure to air. This is especially important for fragrant teas such as BaoZhong and High Mountain WuLong. Squeeze out the air from the package before closing it with a  clip or rubber band. When possible, store the tea in a ceramic or metal container for best protection. (Plastic containers tend to absorb aromas and may not be the best storage material for tea.) 

Because our products are offered in 1oz packages (around 7-9 servings), it can be consumed within a relatively short period of time. For the fragrant oolongs, we suggest consuming it within 2-3 weeks of opening for best aroma/flavor. For TungTing oolongs and black tea, they can keep up to several months if stored in proper conditions. However, quality deterioration begins upon contact with air, so we recommend consuming it within 1-2 months of opening for best aroma/flavor.