About BaoZhong Oolong

Taiwanese people have a saying - "North WenShan, South TungTing." It means, when it comes to oolong tea, there is BaoZhong oolong from WenShan region in the North, and TungTing oolong in the South. The BaoZhong teas featured in this collection are from PingLin township in New Taipei City's WenShan district. PingLin is pristine and sometimes referred to as "nature's museum" because of its ecological diversity. It is also designated as a "water protected region" where development and construction are heavily restricted.

BaoZhong oolong was developed in 1916, when WenShan district tea farmers learned how to make high fragrance tea without the addition of dried flowers (e.g. jasmine tea). This special tea-making craft has been passed from generation to generation in PingLing for over 100 years.

BaoZhong are lightly oxidized [around 15%] and either lightly roasted or unroasted to preserve the tea's natural high note fragrances. It is minimally processed, in the form of loose strips rather than semi-ball shaped.

After you taste BaoZhong WuLong, you will be amazed at how much fragrance and taste can come PURELY from tea leaves. That's the difference of a premium Taiwan artisan tea!