"High Mountain WuLong" Sampler
Taiwan High Mountain oolong tea - AliShan Classic
Taiwan High Mountain oolong tea - ShanLinXi Green
Taiwan Tung Ting / High Mountain oolong tea

"High Mountain WuLong" Sampler

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CONTENTS: 24 grams

Taiwan's mountainous geography is perfect for producing amazing high mountain teas. Rich soil, severe day-night temperature difference, changing cloud and mists conditions on high mountains all contribute to produce tea leaves rich with amino acid that contribute to a sweet full-bodied mouth feel. High mountain tea leaves release a special mountain top energy, (called ShanTouChi). Sip the tea with awareness to see if you can feel this energy. 

HIGH MOUNTAIN WULONG AliShan Classic [8 grams] is made from hand-plucked tea leaves grown above 1500 meters (4921 feet) in AliShan Mountain. To preserve the tea's delicate fragrance, the tea leaves were lightly oxidized and lightly oven roasted. The brewed tea is pale golden with a green hue, with delicate floral fragrance complimenting a light vegetal flavor characteristic. The taste is gentle and smooth with a soft sweet lingering. No bitterness. [See full product details.]

HIGH MOUNTAIN WULONG ShanLinXi Green [8 grams] is made from nutrient-rich tea leaves grown above 1800 meters (5900 feet). In ShanLinXi, the soil is rich with mineral and organic substances.The tea leaves were lightly oxidized and lightly oven roasted to preserve its natural fragrance. The brewed tea is yellow-green. It tastes clean and crisp with a vegetal flavor. No bitterness. [See full product details.]

TUNG TING WULONG High Mountain Symphony [8 grams] is made from hand-plucked tea leaves grown in Taiwan’s ChiLai Mountain, at an elevation around 2000 meters (6500 feet), then processed in Tung Ting oolong style and slowly charcoal-roasted over several weeks. The steeped tea releases a floral and fruity fragrance with a strong hint of honey. The tea is complex and presents a symphony of ever-changing taste and aroma. [See full product details.] 

Note: All our teas are vacuum-packed to guarantee maximum freshness, from the tea makers to your hands.