TAIWAN BLACK High Mountain AliShan
TAIWAN BLACK High Mountain AliShan

TAIWAN BLACK High Mountain AliShan

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TAIWAN BLACK High Mountain AliShan is made from hand-plucked tea leaves grown in AliShan Mountain at an elevation of 1500 meters (4921 feet). Mr. Wang is a 2nd generation tea farmer whose expertise is proven by consistent good results in local and national tea competitions.

High Mountain AliShan is produced in unique Taiwan oolong style (*see note). Its flavor is delicate yet exotic. Sweet floral notes are followed by a fruity acidity reminiscent of preserved plums then a soft sweet lingering. The tea is smooth and full-bodied due to abundant amino acids and pectin, a characteristic of high mountain teas. 

Made from the small-leaf varietal, High Mountain AliShan offers a flavor profile quite different from black teas made from big-leaf variety. If you enjoy premium black tea, this tea offers a new dimension to black that is sure to please.

We recommend brewing this tea at high temperatures to let its flavors blossom to its full potential. Because its delicate flavor may be overpowered by additives (sugar, honey, lemon, cream, milk, etc.), try it straight first to savor its flavors. 

Region: AliShan Mountain, ChiaYi County (central Taiwan)

Oxidation: Full

Tea Plant: ChinXin Oolong varietal

Roast: Minimal  

* Note: Characteristics of Taiwan oolong style 

(1) Rolled ball shape allows for easy vacuum packing and a slower release of flavor. 

(2) Use of small-leaf tea plant variety (var. sinensis), which produces a delicate and sweeter tea with less bitterness and astringency than big-leaf variety (var. assamica).

(3) Brew at high temperatures 95-100oC (203-212oF). For most black teas, the recommended temperature is 85-90oC (185-194oF) to prevent the tea from becoming overly bitter and astringent.