Oolong tea bags sampler - gift
Oolong tea bags sampler


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Contents: 8 TEABAGS, NET WT 0.8 oz (24 grams)

WULONG SAMPLER is a great way for you to try various types of Taiwan oolong teas. It contains:

  •      WuLong Harmony (3 bags)     
  •      High Mountain WuLong (3 bags) [very refreshing as a cold-brew]
  •      WuLong-style Black Tea (2 bags)

Brewing instructions: 

Hot steeping: Use 1-1.5 cups of boiling water per teabag. Steep for 3-5 minutes. You can also try a second steeping.

Cold brew [High Mountain WuLong]: Use 2.5 cups of water per teabag. Keep refrigerated for 2-4 hours.

* Note: You can also try WuLong Harmony and WuLong-style Black Tea as a cold-brew, but you may need to steep it over-night or 8+ hours. For both hot and cold brew, experiment with steeping time to find your own taste preference.