TUNG TING WULONG Medium Charcoal Roast
TUNG TING WULONG Medium Charcoal Roast

TUNG TING WULONG Medium Charcoal Roast

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TUNG TING WULONG Medium Charcoal Roast is made by Mr. Su, a 8th generation tea maker on Tung Ting Mountain. It is made using the traditional Tung Ting method, with medium oxidation and charcoal roasting.

Tea drinkers who enjoy coffee will appreciate the quality roast on this tea. The first note is a strong smokey flavor with a hint of bitterness. This gives way to a clove and plum-like flavor that is reminiscent of aged teas. The aromas of flowers and ripe tropical fruits follow, working in harmony with the nutty roast. The tea tastes smooth and full-bodied. After sipping, notice the strong lingering in your throat and mouth.

Using the standard cupping method (*see note below), the tea remains flavorful for 4~5 steeping. The 2nd steeping is especially nice ... the aromas of the roast come out clean and distinct while balancing the other aromas beautifully.

Because traditional charcoal-roasted Tung Ting can taste quite sharp soon after roasting, it is common for locals to wait one year before consumption. This tea is properly mellowed with a distinct well-balanced roast.

Region: Tung Ting Mountain, Lugu County (central Taiwan)

Tea Plant: ChinXin Oolong sub-variety         

Oxidation: Medium (30~40%)          

Roast: Charcoal / Medium

* Cupping method for testing: (i) Leaf to water ratio = 1:50 (grams:ml) , (ii) water temperature 98oC (208oF), and (iii) 6 minutes for 1st steeping, add 1 minute to each subsequent steeping.